I used ‘veranda’ as an expletive. It was a porch choice of words

We are rebuilding a single house into a two-family house. So far we had 2 full floors, basement and an attic. The attic served as an office space for the past 10 years and did not have the best isolation. (meaning next to nothing of course.)

Now we’re taking the whole roof off to build a dormer the size of the house’s length so we’ll have a fully usable 3rd floor. Then we’re dividing the 2nd floor so each party has 1 1/2 half floors of living space.

And yes, i am going to see how many blog entries I can make before I run out of bad construction puns…

This was how the attic looked till recently:

20150623_135333 20150623_135347

The scaffolding is there and a separate line of electricity is set.

20150623_135134 20150623_135154

20150623_135216 20150623_135141


And this is how it looked a short while later, after taking most of the roof off and taking the floors out.

20150627_164505 20150627_164539


The wood pieces you see will be taken out starting tomorrow, this is where the dormer will be build. Basically all the way till the outside wall of the house.

20150627_164358 20150627_164403 20150627_164305


oh, and while taking the roof off we found a very large wasp nest (about a meter) that was luckily abandoned. Thankfully everything will be newly isolated very soon.


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